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Motivational Speaker



Here are some of Tommy’s accomplishments over his lifetime that he pulls his messages from:

Named the MVP of Michael Jordan’s 1st ever basketball camp while in HS; in college he worked as a team manager for the legendary Jim Valvano at NC State then realized a childhood dream of playing basketball at NC State; has won 12 regional Emmy Awards and nominated for 28 total;  coached High School basketball for 14yrs; traveled the world as a youth basketball coach in the summers – winning 2 gold medals; hosted a multiple Emmy Award winning TV show for the ACC called ACC ROAD TRIP – where he lived out every college football fan’s dreams (i.e – running the hill with the Clemson Tigers, marching with the UVA marching band, etc, etc); emceed the halftimes of numerous ACC basketball tournaments and ACC FanFests; worked with Denzel Washington and John Goodman as a reporter in the movie FLIGHT; directed by Clint Eastwood in the movie RICHARD JEWELL; appeared in numerous TV shows (including Black Lightning) and commercials; hosted the Emmy Award winning “HOT WHEEL MONSTER TRUCKS LIVE CRUSHIN’ IT” TV show (currently); and most importantly… the father of two beautiful daughters.


Here are a few of Tommy’s favorite speaking topics:

1) Putting yourself in a POSITION TO WIN

2) Living your greatest gift: LIFE

3) You either WIN or you LEARN

4) Give them a chance to SAY NO


A testimonial from Steve Tart – Pres of Genesis Real Estate Advisors & Berry College Booster Club Member:

“Tommy Kane has a passion for sharing his life lessons about learning to “never giving up” with anyone who wants to improve their attitude and course in life. As a guest speaker to the Berry College Football program, Tommy shared his story of accomplishing a lifelong dream by earning a spot on the NC State Basketball team, through developing a strong work ethic (both on and off the comt), and a loyal dedication to his teammates and coaches. His sincere approach on striving to be your best while overcoming challenges is inspiring and uplifting to his audiences. You’ll be blessed by having Tommy invest time with your team or leadership origination.”


Contact Tommy to have him come speak at your event or meeting.  You will be glad you did.

Tommy Kane Speaker 2.png

Tommy Kane has always had a passion for motivating people of all ages.  Combine that with his stage presence and his desire to “attack life,” and you will get one memorable talk.

Tommy has a flare for connecting to any type of audience… from corporate America to youth groups, and everyone in between.  Pulling from his own real world experiences, like realizing a childhood dream of walking on the NC State basketball team… to coaching young men who went on to greatness… to winning 13 regional Emmy Awards and running his own business – Tommy’s stories from his life’s journey are truly uplifting and powerful.

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